“i heard a story from my Greek mythology teacher Sophocles said that before man kind as we knew it there were circle people they had 4 legs and 4 arms but the problem was is that they would roll around very arrogantly so Zeusthrew lightning bolts upon the earth and split them in half. Morale of the story is..that from splitting them there is always someones other half and that where that phrase came from the other half of your circle, thats how the ancient Greeks explained love. cause when u fall in love, do u not feel as if the person is not the same? Like u came from the same thing? And if opposites attract, well no one ever said that each half of the circle wanted to roll the same way but they were stuck with each other and both saw that they were united in one thing, love. opposites attract because, of the same reason why magnets attracts only on opposite poles. because each has something to offer that completes the other. so that , my dear, is the story of love.” ChrisW