Underwater love
we are just watching our selfs become something we thought would be nothing more than a couple dates, but you can’t stop fate. you can be its victim or its partner. but because when i'm with you, there's nothing more than what i want. i just want is to keep our eyes locked on one another.. and continue these nights, and these days. although i have the tension in my hands, and my body goes numb, i intensely admire this time apart to grow in love and apart, all these hours spent without, and days to regain, i cant wait to just hear from you. Because all those countless hours we spent listening to each other, and…we didn’t mind sharing at all and we didn't mind listening…in what wasn't planned.
…and that tension in my hands will be erased…my body becomes half relaxed the other half is simply terrified…because those lips find the way to search for my soul and hold on…because the surprise of our kiss reminds me of why we started talking in the first place…

..for you my life, my heart, my best friend, my soul, my love.

underwater love because we are just holding our breathes until we meet again. and we can finally breathe again in each others arms, and feel what we missed.