The Goddess of Fun and Light is:
- agreeable: She says "yes" to everything, unless she feels it will put her in emotional or physical distress
- smart: But she know's that she doesn't have to prove it. She doesn't dumb down while she's out with you, but she doesn't engage in petty arguments just to prove that she's right. That wouldn't be fun.
- relaxed: She doesn't check her watch or remind you that you better hurry or you wont make it to the movie on time. She just trusts that you can take care of those details. She knows better than to try and control the flow of the evening.
- pleasant: Even if she had a rotten day at work, the Goddess is ready to leave behind daily hassles and stresses and have a good time with you. 
- optimistic: She always expects that things will go well, because she knows it improves her chances that they will.
- surrendered: She never tells you what to do or how to do it. She doesn't want to set up a controlling pattern.
- self-respecting: The Goddess doesn't put herself down even to be modest. After all, she is a goddess.